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What they are for and how to use the milk cups

What is a silicone breast milk collector?

Silicone breast milk collectors, also known as “Haakaa” by the name of the company that designed them, are a type of manual breast pump that can suck from one breast while breastfeeding from the other.
It goes beyond passive milk collection by actively removing milk by vacuum suction to the breast.
This gentle form of milk removal works best during breastfeeding which occurs in both breasts simultaneously while the baby is breastfeeding.
The mothers can adjust the vacuum suction intensity according to how tight the bulb is when connecting the pump and whether or not the flange is reversed during application.

When to use a silicone breast milk collector: first or second breast?

Mothers with high milk production can use the binder on the opposite breast while still breastfeeding with the first breast.
Many women with high milk production can collect up to 100ml in this way during a feeding.
After the baby has finished the first breast, remove the binder (or move it to the opposite side) and offer the baby the second breast.
A warning: if used several times a day can stimulate an excess of supply. As a rule, it is recommended to limit the extraction of milk “from the freezer” to 100 ml per day to avoid unpleasant symptoms of oversupply. If you want to collect the dripping milk passively without stimulating excessive production, you can gently place the milk collector against the breast without further suction or use the milk-saving shells.

Mothers with average or low milk production should wait to apply the breast milk collector until the baby has finished breastfeeding from the first breast.
When the baby finishes the first breast and changes sides, mothers with an average low production can apply the breast collector already finished to collect the “advanced” milk.
The reason why it is not recommended to apply it to the second breast before it is breastfed is that the baby may need to take all the available milk first if the mother has a low average milk production or a reduced breast storage capacity.
We have seen undernourished children when the silicone binder removes too much milk before the baby can access it.
If you wait to apply it to the breast until the baby finishes the first side and you are ready to change sides, mothers with an average production can use it as many times as they want per day.
Most women with average low milk production can collect about 30ml per feeding when using it this way.

How do the cups for hands-free collection adapt to the extraction of breast milk?

First, they can make the extraction more liberating, to put it mildly.
Mamashy cups feature an anatomical shape designed to fit comfortably in the breast and support effective milk squeezing.
These ultra-light cups fit discreetly into the nursing bra and are among the lightest available.

The result: you can move easily and really pump on the go, regardless of what the day or evening has in store.
Whether you’re looking for a convenient way to store milk before you go back to work, or you’re just extracting milk, These revolutionary collection cups are based on clinical research and are designed for superior comfort and accessibility without weighing you down.

The main advantages of cups for collecting breast milk hands-free

When you are approaching hands-free milk extraction, here are the main features to consider in breast milk collection cups:

  • Comfort
    Look for a cup that is anatomically designed to fit the shape of your breast and support effective milk extraction, as well as comfortable and ultralight.
    Our Mamashy Cups work completely hands-free and require no additional adapters, wires or cables. Tucked into the bra, the cups are designed to ensure discretion and allow you to extract milk in public, at work or on the go.
  • Easy to use and clean
    Our aerodynamic collection cup design has only 3 parts to assemble and clean. They are also dishwasher safe to save you time cleaning.
  • Transparent design
    It’s very satisfying to actually see how much milk you’re pumping, isn’t it? A transparent design allows you to monitor progress and easily make any changes to ensure that the nipple is inserted correctly into the tunnel, avoiding chafing or discomfort.
  • Spill proof deposit
    You need collection cups that withstand the pouring test, so you can directly transfer your milk into a container without pouring a drop.
  • Bold compatibility,
    Check compatibility and make sure that the breast milk collection cups you choose work safely with your breast pump.

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