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Vestiti per neonati d'inverno: quali scegliere

What clothes for newborns to choose for the winter season

The winter season has now arrived, let’s not get caught unprepared: what are the best clothes to choose for babies?

Here are our tips to keep your baby warm in cold weather.

Apply a multi-level approach

Or the classic way of dressing in onions!
Adding and removing layers is the way to go especially if you enter and leave continuously between home, errands, shops or bars.
For mothers, a useful tip is to observe what they wear and then choose to add an extra layer to their children.

The advice is to remove the child’s hat and extra clothing as soon as you return home or get into a car with heating or in means of transport such as bus or train. Even if this means waking the child, it is important to make sure that they do not overheat.

Keep your extremities warm: head, hands and feet

It is especially important to keep the baby’s head warm in winter, so be sure to dress him with a wool or insulating hat.
Clothes that cover the ears and cheeks are a great idea.
Hand gloves are also fine, although it can be difficult to keep them on.
The most important thing is that your baby’s body and head are well wrapped to prevent heat from escaping.

Just like adults, newborns spend much of the winter period adapting to different indoor and outdoor temperatures. To check that you have the right number of layers, check your belly as it is a better indicator of hands.
Small hands and feet will inevitably get cold in cold weather: this is perfectly normal. If they look blue or stained, add extra gloves or socks. If they look blue or stained, add extra gloves or socks.

Choosing natural fibres

Children’s clothes with natural fibers, such as cotton and wool, are great for the winter and help maintain body heat. They are comfortable, warm, delicate and let your skin breathe.

how to move

Whatever the weather, it’s always a good idea to get out in the fresh air and change scenery, even if it’s just for a short walk.
In fact, children sleep better at night if they have taken some fresh air during the day.
While walking helps adults keep warm, newborns do not get the same benefit.

Most strollers have comfortable bags available for these winter months for extra warmth but if you use a sling or pouch instead, the baby will be able to draw from the mom’s warmth.
Just make sure they’re not too hot.

sleeping in the open air

The benefits of a toddler taking a nap in the fresh air have been widely reported recently: a Scandinavian method (you may have seen photos of moms in cafes chatting and the crowd of prams outside the bar) catching on in the UK.
A method that is still strange for the Mediterranean countries but worth trying could be of real benefit to them as long as they are properly wrapped.

Baby clothes for comfort

Dresses for newbornsthere beautiful aesthetically must be comfortable and functional especially for parents.
So try to choose clothes that allow the child to move his arms and legs as easily as possible. And watch out for potentially annoying zippers right next to your neck.
They may prefer a pair of soft, lined cardigans rather than a large hard coat.

stay dry

Rain covers for strollers are valuable in winter: they not only keep the baby dry, but also provide extra warmth. If you use a shoulder strap or a fanny pack, a good-sized umbrella will do.
If the child is still crawling, it may be interesting to let him explore the snow for the first time.
This is where snow suits or rain suits come into play: just make sure to check that the child is not too dressed underneath so that it does not overheat.

Car in the cold

As mentioned above, keep the layers to a minimum when you are in the car: if there is too much padding between the child and the car seat belts, the seat will not be as safe.
In winter cars can be icy to enter, but they warm up soon.

How to dress babies on cold winter nights

We all like to put on an extra blanket when the nights get colder.
Yet it is a good idea to opt for a cooler, not warmer bedroom for your child.
Babies can overheat because their room is too hot or because there is too much bedding or clothes.

The ideal temperature for sleeping is between 16 and 20 .
In most cases, it is okay to dress your child in your usual pajamas.


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