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2 milk collecting cups and 1 case

  • Relieve nipple pain by preventing friction with clothing
  • They collect excess milk, preventing it from being wasted
  • They allow the free flow of breast milk, preventing engorgement
  • Removable cap that allows you to air the nipple and close the cup for greater freedom of movement
  • Leakage barrier to prevent milk spillage
  • 100% soft BPA free silicone in contact with skin

Practicality with Mama Shells Milk Catcher Cups

Mamashy milk scoop cups are designed to provide relief and convenience to new mothers. Cups provide considerable relief to sensitive nipples, protecting them from friction with clothing and preventing pain. In addition, they are ideal for collecting excess breast milk, avoiding waste and facilitating storage. Their structure allows a free flow of milk, reducing the risk of breast jams.

What the set includes:

  • 2 cups
  • 1 case for easy transport
  • Removable cap on each cup

The removable cap allows you to ventilate the nipple or close the cup tightly for more freedom of movement. The integrated anti loss barrier effectively prevents milk from leaking, while 100% BPA-free soft silicone ensures gentle skin contact.

Why are our cups easy to use?

Mamashy is committed to providing simple and effective solutions for the collection and storage of breast milk. MamaShells cups are easy to use and clean. After use, they can be washed, sterilized and reused, ensuring a hygienic process from harvest to milk storage.

These cups are a valid daily support for the new mother, worn even during normal daily activities. They are especially useful during lactation or milk extraction to collect any leaks from the opposite breast, or simply to keep the breast dry throughout the day.

For a complete solution for collecting and storing breast milk, it is recommended to combine the milk collection cups with the MamaKeep + Teat bags, also designed to keep the milk safe and fresh.

Instructions for cleaning the cups

It is important to follow the instructions to keep your cups clean and safe:

  • Wash: the cups should be washed with a mild soap and rinsed thoroughly after each use
  • Sterilize: the MamaShells cups, before each use, must be immersed in boiling water or in common sterilizers

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