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Libera Box

121,48 IVA incl.

Available from March 15th
tiralatte elettrico indossabile
1 × Breast pump Mamashy
84,99 IVA incl.
coppette raccogli latte mamashells
1 × Mama Shells

In stock

14,99 IVA incl.
30 buste per la conservazione del latte materno
1 × Mama Keep

In stock

19,99 IVA incl.
mamashy flangia tiralatte vista laterale
1 × Flange 13 mm

In stock

4,00 IVA incl.
mamashy flangia tiralatte vista laterale
1 × Flange 15 mm

In stock

4,00 IVA incl.
mamashy flangia tiralatte vista laterale
1 × Flange 17 mm

In stock

4,00 IVA incl.
mamashy flangia tiralatte vista laterale
1 × Flange 19 mm

In stock

4,00 IVA incl.
mamashy flangia tiralatte vista laterale
1 × Flange 21 mm

In stock

4,00 IVA incl.
mamashy flangia tiralatte vista laterale
1 × Flange 24 mm

In stock

4,00 IVA incl.

In stock

1 × Kasko insurance
7,50 IVA incl.
1 × Hello Baby newborn layette boy

In stock

14,99 IVA incl.
1 × Hello Baby new born layette girl

In stock

14,99 IVA incl.

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”Thanks to the great success achieved, the Libera breast pump is in the restock phase and will be available for shipping starting from May 1st”

Inside the package are included all the sizes of the flanges, from tg.13 to tg.24. The size 27 is sold separately

What includes

  • 1 breast pump Libera
  • 1 mama shells
  • 30 bags mama keep
  • 1 set flanges
  • 1 funnel
  • 1 teat
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Libera Box Breast Pump: the Complete Solution for Breastfeeding

The Libera Box breast pump is the all-in-one kit that every new mom should have. Designed for maximum comfort and versatility, the wearable electric breast pump is a must-have for a serene and stress-free breastfeeding experience.

The wearable breast pump, included in the Libera Box, is an example of innovation and practicality. Thanks to the kit SIZES ALL SIZE, it is suitable for all new mothers, ensuring unparalleled comfort during breastfeeding.

Characteristics breast pump Libera

  • Easy, quick and easy assembly
  • 4 methods of extraction
  • 12 levels of intensity
  • Battery life 120 minutes
  • Automatic shutdown after 20 minutes
  • Charging time 2.5 hours
  • Led display illuminated
  • Diaphragm made of silicone
  • Milk storage tank
  • Silicone valve
  • Silicone flange
  • 5 flange gearboxes: tg 13/15/17/19/21

Envelopes Mama Keep and Cups

Mama Keep Milk Storage Bags are the ideal solution for hygienically storing breast milk. Their inclusion in the Libera Box makes this kit even more indispensable for new mothers attentive to practicality and safety.

To complete the picture of convenience, the Libera Box also includes the Mama Shells milk catcher cups, designed to protect and collect every precious drop during breastfeeding, ensuring that nothing goes to waste.

Here are other reasons to choose the Libera breast pump:

1. Freedom of Movement: You can extract milk wherever you are, without constraints of cables or wall sockets.
2. Superior Comfort: Ergonomic design and soft silicone ensure comfortable experience.
3. Quiet: Use the Free wearable breast pump without disturbing those around you.
4. Maximum Hygiene: A hermetic system prevents leakage and keeps the milk safe.
5. Modern Style: Feel confident and fashionable with the stylish design of Mamashy Libera.
6. Easy to Clean: Cleaning is simple due to the device’s structure and ease of sterilization.

Make your breastfeeding experience easier, more comfortable and more contemporary with the Libera breast pump.  What are you waiting for, BUY IT NOW and breastfeed in freedom!

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