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Mama Keep

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Breast milk storage bags

30 bags with a cap for breast milk storage.

MamaKeep milk storage bags let you pour and store freshly extracted milk without wasting a si ngle drop, using the included funnel shaped adapter. The same adapter lets you screw the bags onto the feeding nipple, also included.

Made for storing breast milk in the refrigerator or freezer. A wide base gives the stability needed to stand upright. The screw cap closure allows for safer milk storage.

Each bag has a writing space on it for noting the extraction date (see storage conditions).

Keep your Breast Milk with Mama Keep

Proper storage of breast milk is essential to maintain its nutritional and immunological properties intact. Mamashy offers a practical and hygienic solution with the Mama Keep + Teat system, contain breast milk containers, designed for safe extraction and storage of milk.

Where and How to Store Breast Milk?

To best store breast milk, it is advisable to use the refrigerator or freezer. At room temperature, the milk should be used within 12 hours to ensure its freshness and safety. Mamashy bags are the ideal choice for hygienic and waste-free storage.

For mothers who need to store breast milk for longer periods, the bags are also ideal for freezing. It is important to thaw the milk gradually to preserve its quality, avoiding heating it too quickly or at excessive temperatures.

Features of the Mama Keep kit

  • 30 bags sterilized, complete with cap
  • Adapter to pour milk easily
  • Labels to annotate the extraction date
  • Nipple

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