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Mamashy’s Libera Wearable Electric Breast Pump for New Mothers

Mamashy’s LIBERA Wearable Electric Breast Pump: Innovation and Comfort for New Mothers

In the world of breastfeeding, technological innovation plays a key role in supporting mothers during this important phase of motherhood, in fact in a constantly evolving world, the breastfeeding sector is also enriched with innovations designed to simplify the lives of new mothers. Among these, Mamashy’s Libera Wearable Electric Breast Pump stands out, a cutting-edge device that promises to revolutionize the breastfeeding experience thanks to its innovative design and advanced technology. Let’s find out why the Libera wearable electric breast pump is the ideal companion for every new breastfeeding mother.

Unique Design & Advanced Technology

The Libera Breast Pump stands out for its teardrop design, ergonomic and compact, which adapts perfectly to the breast of every new mother, ensuring unprecedented comfort. This wearable device, made of food-safe silicone material (BPA FREE), respects the health of mother and baby, offering a safe and effective breastfeeding experience.

Thanks to its double-groove diaphragm, Libera offers a double suction force that increases the speed of milk extraction, allowing you to drain your breasts more effectively and optimize breastfeeding times. The drip-proof design also prevents milk loss, ensuring impeccable hygiene.

Customizable Extraction and Memory Function

The Libera Breast Pump allows highly customizable milk expression thanks to its 4 modes (espresso, automatic, massage, breastfeeding) and 12 levels of power adjustment. These options allow moms to select the mode and power level that best suits their needs, ensuring a comfortable pumping frequency. In addition, thanks to the memory function, you can save your favourite settings for an immediate restart after each power off/power off.

Quick and Easy Assembly

With only 5 pieces to assemble, Libera is extremely easy to assemble and clean, making the whole process intuitive and fast. The device is also incredibly quiet (less than 45 dB), not affecting the baby’s rest and allowing mothers to express milk with total peace of mind.

Why Choose the LIBERA Wearable Electric Breast Pump?

For new mothers looking for a state-of-the-art breastfeeding solution, the Libera Breast Pump is an excellent choice. The unique combination of ergonomic design, advanced technology and customization of the extraction makes this device a valuable ally in the breastfeeding journey. The ability to adapt to every need, combined with the safety of the materials and ease of use, makes Libera a must-have for every new mother wishing to experience breastfeeding in a serene, effective and comfortable way.

Advantages of the LIBERA Breast Pump for New Mothers

  • Pumping Effectiveness: Optimize breastfeeding sessions by getting more milk in less time.
  • Comfort & Hygiene: Drip-proof design and safe materials for a comfortable and hygienic wearing experience.
  • Extraction customization: Tailor the intensity and mode of extraction to your specific needs.
  • Ease of Use: Intuitive assembly and memory function for simplified handling.
  • Quiet: Sleep-proof, allowing shared moments of relaxation.


Mamashy’s Libera Wearable Electric Breast Pump is an innovative and efficient solution for new mothers who want to experience breastfeeding with serenity and practicality. Its advanced technology, combined with a design with maximum comfort in mind, makes it a must-have product on the breastfeeding journey. Choose Libera to live this very special phase of your motherhood serenely. Feed with love and live with freedom!


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