Mamashy Plus wearable electric breast pump

Mamashy Plus: the plus for new breastfeeding mothers

Discover Mamashy Plus: The Wearable Electric Breast Pump that Revolutionizes Breastfeeding

Are you an active new mom looking for a practical and discreet breastfeeding solution? The new Mamashy Plus, the wearable electric breast pump, is the answer to your needs. Designed to offer unparalleled comfort and freedom of movement, Mamashy Plus allows you to pump breast milk efficiently and hands-free, transforming breastfeeding into a serene and stress-free experience.

Why Choose Mamashy Plus?

The wearable electric breast pump Mamashy Plus is a revolution for all new moms. Ideal for active moms, Mamashy Plus offers unprecedented convenience, allowing you to carry out your daily activities without compromise. This breast pump fits perfectly to the breast, ensuring discreet and efficient milk extraction, hands-free.

Advanced Technology for a Personalized Experience

Thanks to its advanced technology, Mamashy Plus ensures gentle yet effective milk extraction. The electric motor offers adjustable suction that adapts to each mom’s individual needs, guaranteeing a comfortable and personalized breastfeeding experience. With Mamashy Plus, breastfeeding becomes a unique moment of connection between you and your infant, thanks to the comfort and functionality that this breast pump provides.

Ergonomic Design for Maximum Comfort

The ergonomic design of Mamashy Plus fits perfectly to the breast, making it ideal for use at any time of the day, whether at home or out. Thanks to the LED screen, you can easily choose between the 4 extraction modes (massage, extraction, breastfeeding, and automatic) and the 12 intensity levels, allowing every mom to find the perfect setting for her needs.

Versatility and Practicality

Mamashy Plus is rechargeable via USB-C cable, offering maximum convenience wherever you are. Whether you’re at home, at the office, or traveling, you can always rely on the wearable electric breast pump to nourish your baby naturally and lovingly, without interrupting your daily activities.

Main Features of Mamashy Plus

  • Large 180 ml reservoir: Perfect for extended pumping sessions.
  • Washable and sterilizable: Easy to clean to ensure maximum hygiene.
  • Invisible and silent: Sleep-proof, to pump milk without disturbing your baby.
  • Rechargeable with USB-C cable: Convenient and quick to recharge anywhere.
  • LED display: For easy setting selection.
  • 4 extraction modes: Massage, extraction, breastfeeding, and automatic.
  • 12 intensity levels: Customizable for maximum comfort.
  • 6 included sizes: To perfectly fit every mom.
  • Usage timer: To monitor pumping sessions.
  • Wearable: For discreet and hands-free milk extraction.
  • BPA free: Safe for you and your baby.
  • With lid: For safe milk storage.

Note: The package includes all sizes from TG.13 to TG.24. Size 27 is sold separately.

Perfect for Busy Moms

Mamashy Plus is the ideal solution for moms who, while breastfeeding, have a thousand things to do. Thanks to its wearability and the ability to customize the pumping experience, whether you’re working, shopping, or simply taking care of yourself, Mamashy Plus offers you the freedom to continue nourishing your baby without interruptions.

Don’t miss the opportunity to transform breastfeeding into a serene and stress-free experience with Mamashy Plus. Visit our website and learn more about this extraordinary wearable electric breast pump!


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