Mamashy breast pump

Stimulates the production of
breast milk during breastfeeding

Mamashy is the electric breast pump for the dynamic new mother
who wants to take care of her newborn
with love, attention and serenity.

Practical and invisible wearable breast pump

Our breast pumps are of the latest generation, they allow the mother to express milk silently, simply by inserting the device inside the bra.

They have between 5 and 12 intensity levels that can be used not only during breastfeeding, but also during pregnancy, starting from the 38th week.

Milk is expressed through different sucking methods that adapt to each stage of breastfeeding.

In addition, the modern and lightweight design makes the breast pump a perfect accessory for today’s mothers, who are aware of their freedom.

tiralatte elettrico indossabile

MAMASHY breast pump

Quick assembly and easy cleaning

2 extraction Modes

5 intensity levels

Battery life: 90 minutes

Automatic switch-off after 20 minutes

Milk tank 180 ml

6 flanges included

Rechargeable with USB-C cable

BPA free


Washable and sterilizable in common sterilizers

LIBERA breast pump

Easy, fast and intuitive assembly

4 extraction Modes

12 intensity levels

Battery life 120 minutes

Automatic switch-off after 20 minutes

Milk tank 150 ml

6 flanges included

Rechargeable with USB-C cable

BPA free


Washable and sterilizable in common sterilizers

tiralatte indossabile libera: 4 modalità di estrazione 12 livelli di intensità Durata batteria 120 minuti

#Mom Informed: This is Midwife Cetty Riggio and Founder Paulina

Mamashy - How to assemble and disassemble the breast pump Mamashy


Mamashy has designed and manufactured state-of-the-art breast pump devices, designed for new mothers, which do not impede movement, comfortable to use and adjustable according to different modes of use. The best electric breast pump for collecting milk during the day, for proper storage for the newborn.

Breast pump devices can be used immediately after the birth of the baby, but also during pregnancy, and Mamashy offers new models that can be adjusted according to needs, to be easily inserted inside the bra.

The Libera and Mamashy breast pumps are adjustable according to different levels of intensity, equipped with a massage function, can be easily applied and can be removed for washing and sterilization. The electric breast pump is invisible, wearable, and equipped with a soft silicone reservoir.

This appliance can be used throughout the day, even during sleepy hours, given its soft and flexible design. With Mamashy, mothers can cope with the tasks of the day without having to worry about anything, based on the adjustment of sensitivity for different periods of breastfeeding.

For mothers who have to go back to work immediately after the birth of their baby, the breast pump is the ideal ally to ensure collection during the day, and then preserve it at a later stage. Mamashy also offers the possibility of renting a breast pump for short periods.


Design & Safety










Chat with me

Hi, I’m Paulina! I created the Mamashy project  for mothers who, like me, need support in breastfeeding and the desire to live a unique period such as motherhood to the fullest.

Contact me for any need, I will be happy to help you!


Monday to Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

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