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Lallation In New-borns: A Complete Guide to New-born Language Development

What is lallation in new-borns?

Lallation represents one of the first and most fascinating sonic journeys undertaken by a new-born. This phenomenon, which generally begins around 3-6 months of age, is characterized by the spontaneous repetition of vowels and consonants, such as “ba”, “ga” or “ma”. More than just a vocal game, lallation is an important test for a child’s language development, a sort of prelude to speech that allows them to explore and experiment with the sounds of human language.

The importance of lallation

Lallation serves as a fundamental building block in the communicative and affective development of the child. Through these sounds, babies begin to understand the power of verbal communication, learning to interact with the world around them. This process not only stimulates cognitive and linguistic development but also strengthens the emotional bond with the parents, who respond and interact with these first attempts at “dialogue”.

The stages of lallation in new-borns

The path of the lallation winds through different phases, each with its own peculiarities. It begins with reflective lallation, where the sounds produced are involuntary and often related to crying or other physical needs. This is followed by canonical lallation, around 6-10 months, when babies begin to combine vowels and consonants into syllable-like structures. Finally, the variegated phase introduces variations in tone and melody, bringing the child closer and closer to the actual language.

How long does lallation last in new-borns?

The duration of lallation can vary from child to child, but generally this process extends until the age of 12-18 months, when the first real words begin to appear in the baby’s vocal repertoire. It’s important to remember that each child follows their own pace of development, and timelines may differ.

A Message for Moms

Dear new mothers, every “ba”, “ga”, “but” that escapes from your little one’s lips is a note of a symphony that is only beginning. Friendship is the first step in a wonderful journey that will see you communicate love, dreams, fears and hopes. Listen, respond, and enjoy every little bit of progress – these are the building blocks with which you will build deep and lasting communication. Remember that every child has his or her own time, and every stuttering syllable is a step into the vast world of words. On this journey, Mamashy is always by your side, offering you support and understanding during the breastfeeding phase, reminding you that you are not alone in this wonderful adventure. Celebrate these moments, because they are precious and unrepeatable in your child’s unique growth.


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