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How to choose flange size?

Knowing how to choose the flange size is important for comfortable and comfortable breastfeeding. The electric breast pump Mamashy is one of these essential tools, especially for new mothers who are trying to reconcile breastfeeding with everyday life. An important component of the breast pump is the flange, also known as the breast pump cup. Choosing the right flange size is critical to maintaining optimal milk production. 

How to take the right flange measurement?

The size of the flange is crucial for the experience of the electric breast pump to be comfortable and effective. A flange too small or too large can cause discomfort and even pain, as well as affect the amount of milk extracted. To find the perfect size, it is important to measure the diameter of the nipple in millimeters. Use a ruler or soft metric tape and directly measure the diameter of the nipple, avoiding the areola. It is important not to include the areola in the measurements because the flange must fit the nipple itself to create an effective seal during suction.

Once you get the nipple size, add about 2-4 mm to find the ideal flange size. The Mamashy breast pump boasts 7 different sizes of flanges, which best fit your needs, ensuring that every mother can find the perfect breast pump cup for her breast.

Why is it important to choose the correct flange sizes?

Choosing the correct flange size is crucial for several reasons:

  1. Comfort: A flange of the right size is important to ensure that the milk extraction experience is as comfortable as possible. If the flange is too small or too large, it can cause discomfort or pain during use, discouraging the mother from using the breast pump regularly.
  2. Efficiency: The appropriate flange size helps to maximize the effectiveness of milk extraction. A well-adapted flange ensures that the breast is stimulated properly, which can lead to better milk flow and faster and more efficient collection.
  3. Breast Health: The use of an unsuitable flange can lead to problems such as clogged milk channels, mastitis, or skin irritation, which can complicate both the lactation and milk extraction process.
  4. Time Optimization: For busy moms, every minute is precious. A flange of the right size reduces the duration of pumping sessions while maintaining a high milk yield, thus optimizing the time spent on extraction.
  5. Adaptability: Breasts can change size and shape during breastfeeding. Having different size flanges available can help maintain the effectiveness of the breast pump during these changes.

How to choose flange sizes? Choose Mamashy flanges

Breastfeeding is an incredibly personal experience and every mother deserves the right tools to support her on this journey. Choosing the correct flange size is a key step to ensuring a positive breast pump experience. Mamashy is committed to providing high quality products and informative support to make breastfeeding a serene and satisfying experience.

Don’t let finding the right flange size become an obstacle in your breastfeeding journey. Ensure the comfort and effectiveness you deserve: choose Mamashy for a happy and healthy breastfeeding. Buy your flange now!


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