Father’s Support in Neo-Genitoriality: How to Be a Pillar for New Mom

The arrival of a newborn is a moment of great joy, but also of significant changes and challenges, especially for new mothers. During this delicate period, the support of the partner is fundamental. Here’s how a dad can help a new mom:

Offer Emotional Support

The first and most important way a dad can help during this period of transition and adaptation is by offering emotional support. Actively listening, without judging or immediately trying to solve problems, allows the new mom to feel understood and less isolated in her experiences. Being present doesn’t only mean sharing the same physical space but being emotionally available and ready to offer comfort even in moments of silence. Demonstrating understanding and empathy towards the challenges, concerns, and emotions that the new mom is going through can significantly contribute to her emotional well-being. This type of support helps to build a serene family environment. The new mom will feel valued and capable of facing the challenges of breastfeeding and motherhood with more confidence. All this contributes to creating a solid foundation of mutual support that benefits the entire family.

Practical Help at Home

From household chores to meal preparation. Every little gesture of help at home becomes crucial in the postpartum period, significantly lightening the load on the new mom. This practical support allows her to dedicate herself with more serenity to breastfeeding, a fundamental aspect for her well-being and that of the newborn. Taking care of cleaning, managing laundry, grocery shopping, and cooking are activities that, if shared or taken on by the partner or other family members, can make a big difference in daily routine. Moreover, the organization of home spaces in a way that they are functional and comfortable for the new mom contributes to creating a serene and stimulating environment for the baby. Attention to details, such as keeping the house tidy and ensuring that everyday items are easily accessible, reduces stress and promotes a climate of harmony and security, emphasizing the importance of teamwork in navigating the challenges of parenthood.

Involvement in Breastfeeding

Although breastfeeding is undeniably a unique and special moment between mother and baby, there are effective strategies to allow dads to actively participate in this process and offer their support. One of the most innovative and practical solutions is the use of wearable electric breast pumps. These cutting-edge devices, designed to comfortably fit the woman’s breast, allow the new mom to extract breast milk in an efficient and discreet manner. The creation of milk reserves not only ensures that the mom has the opportunity to take moments of rest and personal care but also opens the door for the dad to be directly involved in feeding the newborn. Using the extracted breast milk, the dad can feed the baby using comfortable Mama Keep bags, strengthening the emotional bond with the baby.

Equity in Responsibilities

This mode of active participation not only lightens the load on the new mom but also promotes greater equity in parental responsibilities, recognizing the value of paternal contribution from the first days of the baby’s life. Moreover, the use of wearable electric breast pumps proves to be a valuable tool in managing any challenges related to breastfeeding, such as the need to stimulate milk production or deal with periods of maternal absence, ensuring that the newborn can continue to benefit from the nutritional and protective properties of breast milk.

Support in Organization

Mamashy was created to make breastfeeding as serene and comfortable as possible for new moms, offering a range of revolutionary products. Among these, our wearable electric breast pumps represent a true revolution, allowing moms to extract milk in total freedom, without time or place constraints. Mama Shells, our milk collection cups, are designed to capture every precious drop during breastfeeding or pump use, while Mama Keep bags ensure its safe and hygienic storage. Furthermore, our Hello Baby bags for organizing baby changing essentials are ideal for keeping everything needed for baby care organized when out and about, ensuring that every outing is as simple and stress-free as possible.

Creating Moments of Sharing

Finally, it’s fundamentally important for dads to create and cultivate moments of sharing and deep connection with the new mom and baby. Creating these quality moments doesn’t necessarily require great effort or elaborate planning. Even daily activities can turn into opportunities for connection, such as involving the baby in simple household routines with joy and play or sharing the reading of a picture book, even if the child is too young to understand the words. What matters is the intentionality behind these actions, the openness to live together experiences that nourish the emotional bond.


In conclusion, “how a dad can help a new mom” is not just about practical gestures but also about emotional support and family connection. Through conscious use of breastfeeding products and an attentive and caring attitude, dads can make a significant difference in the journey of new parenthood.


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