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Electric Breast Pump: 4 Unmissable Offers and New Arrivals

Welcome to the world of Mamashy, where the well-being of mothers meets innovation and convenience. Today, we are excited to introduce you to the latest offerings and new arrivals, which include sets for new moms, especially the electric breast pump, designed to make breastfeeding a more comfortable and rewarding experience. Discover our exclusive promotions and find the perfect breast pump for you and your child.

Choose your Electric Breast Pump: Unmissable Offers

The electric breast pump is not just a practical device, it is a travel companion in your breastfeeding experience. For this reason, Mamashy has thought of special offers that make the purchase even more convenient.

Breast pump promotion

By purchasing a breast pump, you will receive an immediate discount of 5 euros on the final price and, to further enrich your experience, we give you a replacement cup kit worth 29.99 euros.

Mama Start promotion

The Mama Start promotion is the ideal starting point for new mothers. This pack includes an electric breast pump with all sizes available, a pack of Mama Keep with 30 bags to store milk, 1 funnel and 1 teat. In addition, in addition to the complimentary cup kit, you will also benefit from a substantial discount of 20 euros on the final price.

Mama Box promotion

With the Mama Box promotion, we enter the heart of the Mamashy offer. You will receive 1 electric breast pump with all sizes, a pack of Mama Keep with 30 envelopes, a funnel, a teat, and a pack of Mama Shells that includes two cups and the case. The spare cup kit is always included as a gift, and you will be applied an exclusive discount of 30 euros on the final price.

Double Convenience with Mama Bis Box

For mothers looking for maximum functionality and savings, the Mama Bis Box promotion is the winning choice. This pack offers 2 electric breast pumps with all sizes, 1 pack of Mama Keep, 1 funnel, 1 teat and 1 pack of Mama Shells. In addition to the replacement cup kit as a gift, you will enjoy an incredible discount of 40 euros on the total price.

Breast Pump Features: What Makes Our Breast Pump Unique

Each breast pump in our ecommerce is selected to ensure quality and comfort. Its innovative features make our electric breast pumps the perfect allies for every mother who wants the best for herself and her child

  • Washable and sterilisable in common sterilizers
  • Invisible and silent, sleep-proof
  • Rechargeable with USB-C cable
  • Compact to be taken anywhere
  • 100% hands free
  • BPA free

Choosing the best electric breast pump can be a challenge. This is why Mamashy offers you a range of products that stand out for their efficiency and ease of use, always ensuring maximum hygiene.

Efficiency and Support with the Electric Breast Pump: Your Ally in Breastfeeding

The electric breast pump is designed for modern mothers who do not want to give up efficiency and comfort. Our models are easy to use, quick to clean and incredibly quiet.
Each breast pump in our range is equipped with the latest technologies, which adapt to your specific needs. In addition, the different sizes available ensure a perfect fit and optimal comfort during use.

For the correct functioning of the breast pump, we recommend to carefully choose the flange of the right size, among those that we provide.

Mamashy is more than just an ecommerce: it’s a community where you can share experiences and get advice from other moms. Before choosing your electric breast pump, read reviews and testimonials to find out which model best suited their needs.

Think about how often you plan to use the breast pump and how important the portability of the device is to you. Whether you are a working mom or you are simply looking for a practical solution for the moments when you are away from your baby, Mamashy has the right option for you.

Choosing the right electric breast pump is a fundamental step in the journey of breastfeeding. With Mamashy offers, you can find the perfect product for you at an affordable price, without sacrificing the quality and support you need.

Visit our website, discover active promotions and join our community of moms. Mamashy is here to accompany you at every stage of motherhood, with innovative products and unparalleled support.


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