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quali sono i vantaggi dell'utilizzo del tiralatte elettrico?

Advantages of using an electric breast pump

The electric breast pump designed by Mamashy is designed to extract breast milk easily and quickly.
But why use a breast pump? Here are all the advantages of breast milk extraction.

Breastfeeding has always been a wonderful and essential part of motherhood, offering numerous benefits to the baby and mother.
For some mothers breastfeeding is a natural process, for others it can be more challenging.
Sometimes a manual or electric breast pump can alleviate some of the challenges mothers face in their breastfeeding journey and babies can continue to thrive on breast milk even when the mother is not present.
More and more mothers want the flexibility and comfort that a breast pump can offer.
Portable breast pumps and wearable breast pumps are often appreciated by mothers in order to extract milk more discreetly when in public.

What are the advantages and benefits of using breast pumps

A breast pump is a manual or electric device that helps nursing mothers to extract and store breast milk so that their children can enjoy the benefits of breastfeeding, even when the mother is not present.
This is especially useful for mothers who work or are busy outside the home and want to give their children the nutrition they need, helping them manage milk production.

All nursing mothers can use a breast pump to relieve the bottleneck, increase milk production or give other people the opportunity to breastfeed the baby and build their own bond.
Breast pumps are useful even if the baby can not stick well but the mother breastfeeds enough to produce good quality milk.
Extracting a sufficient amount of breast milk can also help feed premature babies who may need more attention 24 hours a day.
Premature babies often do not fully develop the ability to suck breasts and may have difficulty sticking, so having milk extracted will facilitate the transition from bottle to breast as they become more adept at breastfeeding.

In general, the use of a manual or electric breast pump offers numerous advantages to both mom and baby.


Portable breast pumps, for example, allow mothers to give their babies breast milk even when they are not physically present.
This is especially beneficial for mothers who want to get back to work or who may need to stay away from their children for prolonged periods.

Maintaining the supply of milk

Regular and exclusive extraction programs help stimulate milk production and maintain healthy milk production, even when direct breastfeeding is not possible.

Involving other caregivers

Breast pumps allow other health workers, such as partners, family members, or childcare workers, to breastfeed the baby with breast milk, facilitating bonding opportunities and allowing mothers to take breaks.

Relief from traffic jam

Breast pumps can provide relief from breast engorgement, a common problem for nursing mothers, effectively removing excess milk.
Hospital-type breast pumps are often recommended in these circumstances for their powerful, yet comfortable, suction characteristics.

Nutrition of premature babies

Breast milk is vital for the healthy development of premature babies.
Breast pumps allow mothers to establish a milk supply and provide the necessary nutrition to their premature babies.

Prolonged breastfeeding

Mothers can continue to provide the benefits of breast milk to their babies even after they have returned to work or have faced other circumstances that limit direct breastfeeding.

And if these advantages are not enough, here are some points in favor of the electric breast pump Mamashy:

  • Extra soft silicone tank and flange
  • Rechargeable with a simple USB cable
  • Pre suction massage function with memory function
  • Super comfort adjustable suction
  • Silent and Invisible
  • Washable and Sterilisable

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