Hello! I am Paulina,
mother of little Leo and Armonia, and the
creator of Mamashy

Pregnancy, and especially childbirth, offer unique and joyous moments in life. But, the difficulties and stress that come with any major change can work against having the peace of mind you need Taking care of our self becomes an essential part of caring for our new born.
Mamashy grew out of the need to share my experience. As a mother, I found a wearable, electric, breast pump an effective answer to the challenges of breastfeeding while
helping organise life in a new family.
Taking care of one’s self and cherishing time alone or with friends are the most beautiful gifts one can give a new mum and her little one.


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About mamashy

Let me share my experience with you

Mamashy’s wearable, electric, breast pump grew out of my own personal history.

Mamashy’s, wearable, electric, breast pump grew out of my own personal history.

Like many mums-to-be, I tried to prepare as much as possible for my baby’s arrival during pregnancy. So many emotions and questions fill the mind of a new mum. I wanted to get ‘everything just right’. Still, I was unsure what kind of relationship I would have with little Leo or the child growing inside me.
I educated myself, read up, and was somewhat confident in starting my breastfeeding journey. In navigating the world of the things I more or less needed to get ready for childbirth, I hadn’t considered buying a breast pump. Nor had I physically prepared myself for what turned out to the very natural, yet also challenging, feat of breastfeeding.

It was only after childbirth I became aware of what my baby and myself truly needed. The first challenge was cracked nipples, a condition that quite frequently develops when one first starts breastfeeding and can often trigger giving it up. Shortly afterwards, I had my first bout of mastitis.

That was when I turned to using a breast pump. I picked a manual (non-electric) one thinking it offered more control and practicality. But it didn’t solve the problem. I then looked for a different kind of pump that would let me spend as much time as possible with my baby and my partner.

So, I chose an option that let me discretely express breast milk hands-free. I could take my Mamashy with me anywhere. This helped me make the most of relaxing sleep time and resume my normal habits. Its massage function helped me overcome a second bout of mastitis overnight and I quickly and easily got back to breastfeeding and meeting my baby’s needs.

I always like to think that you can eventually overcome any challenge. However, I’ve also learned to recognise the importance of getting good support at the right time and to appreciate what really matters.
The answer sometimes lies in the small things that improve our habits and keep us focused on the beauty of a single moment.

Our philosophy

Mamashy’s mission is to take care of every breastfeeding mum, supporting her throughout the changes and challenges she faces.

Mamashy’s values aim to reassure every customer, from start to finish, from purchasing the pump to final use. These values lie in:


in terms of the product, materials,
and service.


by having a direct line
with the customer.


in terms of the product, materials,
and service.


in terms of operation
and aesthetics.


Hello, I'm Paulina! Hello, I'm Paulina! I developed Mamashy for mothers who, like me, need suppor t with breastfeeding and want to experience the unique moment of motherhood to the fullest.
Get in touch with me about any need. I'll be happy to help!

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