Hello! I am Paulina,
mother of little Leo and the Armonia,
creator of the Mamashy project

Pregnancy, and even more so the birth of a child, are unique moments of joy in life. But behind every important change there are very often difficulties and stress that do not coincide with the serenity we will need. Preserving our well-being in order to take care of the newborn is therefore essential.
Mamashy was born from the need to share my experience as a mother who has found in  the wearable electric breast pump, not only an effective solution to the problems that can arise in breastfeeding, but also a support for the organization of a new family life.
Loving yourself, recovering and taking care of time for yourself and for others, is the best gift you can give to a mother and her little one.


Founder Mamashy

neonato in braccio alla mamma

Let me tell you about my experience

The Mamashy wearable electric breast pump was born from my personal story.

The Mamashy wearable electric breast pump  was born from my personal story. Like many mothers-to-be, during pregnancy, I tried to prepare as best I could  for the baby’s arrival. So many emotions but also so many questions crowd the mind of a new mother and in the search for “everything must be perfect” I didn’t know what to expect from the new relationship with little Leo who in the meantime was growing in my belly. I researched, I read and with some confidence I was confident in embarking on my breastfeeding journey. Navigating the world of more or less necessary trousseau in view of birth, I had therefore not considered the purchase of the breast pump nor had I physically prepared myself to face what turned out to be the most natural, but also difficult, act, which is breastfeeding. It was only after the birth that I became aware of what my and the baby’s real needs were. The first difficulty was the onset of fissures, a rather frequent pathology at the beginning of the process when the breast is not yet ready and which often leads to the abandonment of breastfeeding. Shortly thereafter, the first mastitis occurred.

So I resorted to the breast pump, choosing a manual one because I believed I had more control and practicality with a non-electronic product. But I didn’t solve the problem and so I looked for a different breast pump that would also meet the need to devote as much time as possible to the baby and my partner. So I chose the convenience of being able to express milk but with my hands free, discreetly, taking my Mamashy with me everywhere, making the most of the bedtime breaks to relax and resume my habits. In just one night, thanks to the massage function, I overcame the onset of the second mastitis and I returned in a short time to have a serene relationship with breastfeeding and with the needs of the baby. I always like to think that all difficulties pass, but I have also learned to recognize the importance of valid support in certain moments to appreciate the things that really matter. Sometimes the solution is already in small gestures that improve our habits, without ever losing the beauty of a unique moment.

Our philosophy

Mamashy’s mission  is to take care of every lactating mother to accompany her in the changes and difficulties she faces. It is Mamashy‘s values  that achieve its mission by reassuring every customer at any time, from purchase to last use, thanks to:


Product, materials and service.


Direct line to the customer.


Product, materials and service.


In function and aesthetic form.

Mamashy is attentive to the needs of new mothers

Mamashy is attentive to the needs of new mothers, offering solutions that simplify mothers’ days, especially during the breastfeeding period. Becoming a mother is a unique moment in a woman’s life, however, problems can arise that should not be underestimated.

A happy moment can turn into a period of high stress for new mothers, which is why Mamashy offers an electric wearable breast pump to support them during breastfeeding. Mamashy breast pumps are state-of-the-art products that allow all women to face such an important period in total serenity.

The electric breast pump can be a useful support both before birth and in the first months of breastfeeding. Thanks to its ease of use and the ability to adjust the settings, it adapts to the individual needs of mothers.

Mamashy knows that mothers need products that are high safety, easily sterilizable and gentle, for maximum comfort. The shape and materials of the Mamashy electric breast pump perfectly meet these needs, offering mothers everything they need at such an important stage of their lives.

The brand offers you all the tools you need to get through this delicate period of life, in a completely personalized way, with specific accessories and products. You can live motherhood with serenity and without stress, Mamashy will take care of the rest!

Chat with me

Hello, I’m Paulina! Hello, I’m Paulina! I developed Mamashy for mothers who, like me, need suppor t with breastfeeding and want to experience the unique moment of motherhood to the fullest.
Get in touch with me about any need. I’ll be happy to help!


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